Smart goal

When it comes to setting goals, a man named John Whitmore created a model that I have seen in several areas. Mostly the first part, which in my opinion often is enough, but I have written the whole model at the end.

A SMART goal

  • S: Specific
  • M: Measurable
  • A: Attainable
  • R: Realistic
  • T: Time Phased

A goal: I will run 1 km in 5 minutes and be able to do so before Christmas.

Is it specific? Yes, I’d say. There is no question about what the goal is.

Is it measurable? Yes, in two ways. 1 km and 5 minutes.

Is it attainable? Yes, if this is my wish, then it is attainable.

Is it realistic? Yes, again, I’d say it is. If I had said that I would do it in 1 minute, no, or start with running 10 km under 60 minutes (depending on what startingpoint I have) I’d say it was not possible to do, but 1 km in 5 minutes is realistic.

Is it time phased? Yes, before Christmas. Even better would be before Christmas 2021. But clear enough in my opinion. 🙂

The complete model of John Whitmore:


  • S – specific
  • M – measurable
  • A – attractive
  • R – realistic
  • T – time phased
  • P – positively stated
  • U – understood
  • R – relevant
  • E – ethical
  • C – challanging
  • L – legal
  • E – environmentally sound
  • A – agreed
  • R – recorded