There are a lot of different ways to journal, and there are a number of scientific backgrounds as to why journaling is an effective tool.

I have created an ihappy journal, a tool that combines several techniques. I have gathered:

  • Gratitude journaling (proven to make you happier)
  • Priorities (helps you keep focus with ”top of mind”)
  • Mood journaling (helps you be aware of your moods and let’s you get to know yourself a little better)
  • How did I feel during the day? (helps you determine if it was a good or bad day)
  • One positive thing with your day (to help you reflect)
  • One thing that you’ve learned from (to help you reflect)
  • Habit tracker (helps you see if you have done what you’ve set out to do)

All above combined with weekly overview, weekly evaluation and weekly exercises to help you grow as a person.

But one size does not fit all, and if this is not a tool for you, there are several other good journaling techniques you might want to check out, here are some of my favorites:

  • Bullet journaling (can replace calendar, todo-lists, habit trackers, etc. One of the most flexible journaling methods I have encountered! Totally customizable to your needs and wishes!)
  • Morning journaling (writing what ever comes to mind, a page or two)
  • Unsent letters (say what you want to say, without actually saying it, but you get it out of your system and off your chest)
  • Goal oriented journaling (only focusing on your goals and/or dreams and how to achieve them)
  • Daily one-liner (one line per day)
  • Ideas journaling (to elaborate your ideas and make sure you don’t forget them)
  • To do lists (keep things on paper and out of your head – but don’t forget to set a specific time or timeframe for each task!)
  • Reflective journaling (let’s you summarize your day, thought or experiences and learn from them)

And a part from various methods of journaling, there are of course different ways to journal, both digital in your phone or computer, or pen and paper.

Which ever way that suits you, I recommend journaling!