What is an affirmation? And what is it good for?

Well, first of all, an affirmation is something you make to remind you of something, but not as a grocery list, rather like something that is genuinely important to you and that you want to make sure you pay attention to and have active in your mind.

There are three basics of an affirmation:

  • Have to be written in an ”I-statement”
  • Have to be here and now (not something you will do in the future)
  • Have to be positively stated

Perhaps an affirmation for yourself:

I am humble and curious on life and people around me.

Or as a parent:

I am present with my child and responsive to my child’s opinions, feelings, thoughts and needs.

Or as a partner:

I am present in my relationship and meet to my partners needs.

Write your affirmations in places when and where you want to be reminded of them, place them visible.

Repeat the affirmations often to keep them top of mind and incorporate them into your daily life.