Source criticism

When you read something, on this website – or elsewhere, I hope you apply some sort of source criticism.

Now, why would you need to do that here?

Let’s start with my background. I see myself as an eternal student in the school of life, which for me menad that I am curious about things and want to learn new thing. As I satisfy my curiosity, and learn new thing, perhaps deepen my knowledge in a subject a bit, before my curiosity is caught by something else, and I move on to the next thing that I want to learn something about.

To me, this means that I can only share my knowledge, my thoughts and what experience I have gained along the way. But I cannot actually teach you anything. But it is my strong belief that you can use the things you find here (and else where) to seek knowledge and gain experiences and develop yourself.

I hope that you, when you read something here, question it rather than just buying it. If I write something like ”journaling is good”, I hope you will use your google-fu, or other information-finding-skills to verify that statement. And you will probably find supporting information. But since the search engines and information providing services that are available today, you only find what you are looking for. Which is why I want you to take it a step further. Use for skills to find the opposite ”what is bad about journaling”. Since we find what we are looking for, you will probably find information regarding this as well.

Now I want you to take responsibility and shape your own opinion about it. There are many people like me, who reads and thinks and expresses thing, and there are those who spend years on end studying subjects in detail and researches the subject. The crazy thing is that even the most knowledgable and eminent researchers may not agree on everything. They can disagree on various things within their speciality. I see it as your task to shape your own view of things, based on the information you have access to and have consumed. Add to that your own experience and values and shape your own opinion in the specific question.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Ps. There is nothing wrong to change your view or opinion over time, as you come across more information!