ihappy wheel

There is a model called wheel of life (google it for more information) and it is a method that helps you visualize various aspects of your life and compare them, to each other and before and after a change.

The basic idea is to draw a circle on a piece of paper, then section the circle like a cake and get a numer of ”cake pieces”, where each piece represents a part of your life. Areas like:

  • health
  • relations
  • work
  • free time
  • economy
  • etc…

There are several ”fixed” versions of the wheel of life that you can use, but personally I find it best if you decide what areas you would like to have in your wheel.

When you have completed your circle and sectioned it in the areas you chose, it is time to estimate and assign a value betweed 0 and 10 to each of the areas, 0 being the lowest and 10 being completely filled. There is nothing right or wrong, or a ”perfect” wheel of life that everyone should strive for, only your situation, right here and right now.

Once this is done, you can use this overview to help you make improvements in the areas you feel have a potential to improve. If you as an example want to improve your economy you can focus your attention to that area and implement changes that will help you improve this particular area, so your wheel of life improves in an overall direction to where you want it to be.

So far so good… but I wanted another dimension to it, so I added it, and call it the ihappy wheel, even if it is just the wheel of life in a different form.

The dimension I added is ”double clicking” (imagine a folder on your computer, once double clicking on it, you open it up and see what it contains) on each section to see what it contains. If we take economy again, perhaps double clicking on it reveals:

  • income
  • expenses
  • savings
  • buffer

Now you can use the same grading as above to help you select where you want to direct your energy and make changes… Perhaps you want to focus on income, or cut down on expenses or you want to raise your buffer for a higher sense of security. The double-clicking is to help you figure out what you want.

If you feel the need, double-click again on any area to find out what lies within it, and perhaps again assign values to each section. Repeat as many times as you need and feels relevant to you.

So, the only difference between the wheel of life and the ihappy wheel is the double-clicking. Other than that, exactly the same.

If you wish, save your ihappy wheeles and redo them and compare them before and after you make changes. Did your actions get you the result you wanted?

A surprise to me was that a change in one area effected other areas to. What is your experience?

Tip! If you need pre-made wheels to fill in, you can find them in the downloads page!