ihappy journal

ihappy journal

Is the ihappy journal something for you?

This is what is says on the back of the book:

If you read this on the internet and is thinking about buying this book, or perhaps you are holding it in your hand in a store or at a friends house? Please read this:

I believe in myself. I believe in my full potential and my own capacity. Nalle, who created this book, believes in me, even if he has never met me!

Regardless if I choose to use this book or not, I promise myself that I will grow as a person, reach my goals and my dreams, and do everything in my power to become the best version of me. Every day! The world needs me and the things I can contribute. I am an important part of this world, and nobody can do what I do or be who I am. I am unique!

Great! Thank you for taking time to read it! This book might help you, but it does not suite everybody. The most important thing is that you find your path through life, and do things your way, as it suites you right here and right now, as you currently are.

In this book, you get to utilize the power of gratitude journaling, figure out your most important priorities for the day, reflect on what has been good or not so good during the day, handle what may not be the way you expected, track the habits of your choice. All this, every day, week after week, for just a little more than six months.

ISBN: 9789179692155

Available on pages like Amazon. And hopefully elsewhere where you buy books.