ihappy – ecologica and egological

Another book available, a tool for you to help in your work towards a better and more sustainable way of life, for you, the planet and the future… but most important, this is your path, and yours alone!

ISBN: 9789179693503

On the back:

This book is buildt on two things, only mentioned here on the back. 

The first thing is that each action leads to a result, and the same action always leads to the same result, thus, if you want the world to change, you need to change your actions to get a different result.

And world scientist are speaking in a unified voice – we need to change our behaviour in order to save the planet.

The second thing this book is buildt on is that it is better for millions of people to make small changes than a few individuals making a lot of changes.

This book will help you to contribute to saving the world in your way.

You find various examples of topics, and are urged to choose a topic and think about in these in three ways:

* What am I doing right and need to continue doing?

* What do I need to stop doing?

* What do I need to start doing?

If you want to enforce your changes even further, this book is colour-matched to be used with ”ihappy – what, why, how, when?”. But both books can be used sepeartly.

Available (hopefully) where you buy books and on Amazon.