About ihappy

This site is constantly developing, adding new things, new tools and new thoughts, as I continue to grow and learn. I hope you want to follow my journey and I hope to inspire your journey!

ihappy.one is a free online life coach, meant for everyone. This means that every subject are handled in general tearms and may or may not suit you. I hope everybody will find something useful here, but should you not, I can not offer you your money back, since this is a free service. What I can offer you is one of two choices:

  1. Leave in peace, the internet is a place with big variety, and I am sure you will find something that suits you out there! I wish you the best in your pursuit!
  2. Use the contact details found on this website and send me a message. Perhaps I can adress something that is for you.

The linguistical and cultural and part of this page; I am from Sweden, yet I choose to do this in English. If you find my use of the English language somewhat odd at times, it is expected to me, and hopefully both understandable to you (as in understanding what I write), and understandable to you (as in a bit excused, due to the fact that my mother tongue is not English). And as for the cultural part, well, it is what it is, perhaps I am not accustom to your culture and your circumstances, but it is for me as for everybody, we have to start from where we are, nothing more, nothing less.

Another thing that I want to mention is that this is in no way a substitute for professional help or medications if you need it. Nor can it be so specific that all applies to you. But hopefully, you will find something here that will help you in finding your path.

And to the competition: we’re all in this together, let’s all do your part and be a positive force in this world! Thank you for your great work! Please let me know if there is anything here you find useful, and drop me an email through the contact form on the page if you want to use it! 🙂

Last but not least; me. My name is Nalle, and I have created this page alone, as a way for me to reach out to many more people than I have a chance to meet in person. I consider life beautiful and awesome, even if it can get rough and be very hard at times. But I’d like to believe that there is always a way forward. Always a small step to be taken towards something better. And I am not talking materialistic or having to compete with somebody else, no, I am talking about being the best version of you, and doing your best in any given situation.

Good luck on your journey!

Kind regards,


Ps. ihappy or Nalle Windahl is not available on any social media. But you are welcome to share links to this page if you like.